stated(state的过去分词) 陈述 阐明 adj. 规定的;阐明的;定期的 v. 规定;陈述;阐明 决定了的

a precisely stated set of rule一套准确规定的规则名词 n.1.形态,结构,态 Air whether in the gaseous or liquid state is a fluid.空气, 无论是气态的或是液态的, 都是一种流体.2.国家, 政府 We must pay taxes to the State.我们必须向国家纳税.

网络释义agrees v.同意,赞同( agree的第三人称单数 ); [语法学](在性、数、人称或格方面)一致; 相同; 和睦相处双语例句1.Okay, with the proviso that Jane agrees, I accept.好,如果简答应,我就接受.2.His second statement agrees with facts as stated by the other witnesses.他的第二份供述与其他目击证人所陈述的事实相符.3.I don't think the food here agrees with me.我觉得这里的食物不对我的胃口.

unless stated otherwise除非另有说明例句1.All components operate in FIPS-approved mode unless stated otherwise.除非明确指出其他运行模式,否则所有组件均以FIPS核准模式运行.2.NOTICE All pressures in this Chapter are gauge pressures

63,既然前面用smiled, stared 可知这是动词过去式作并列谓语,then在此句中起到连词作用把walked和前面的两个动词连起来,变成三个过去式并列谓语.

state英 [stet] 美 [stet] n.国家;州;状况,情况;资格vt.规定;陈述,声明adj.国家的;国务的,公务的;正式的第三人称单数: states 复数: states 现在分词: stating 过去式: stated 过去分词: stated

unless otherwise stated_百度翻译unless otherwise stated 除非另作说明[例句]unless otherwise stated , most of the extra software can be installed using ubuntu software center.除非有其它说明,大多数额外的软件都能够通过ubuntu软件中心来安装.

whereas (连接词) : 反之; 却; 而 some people like fatty meat, whereas others hate it. 有些人喜欢肥肉, 而有些人却不喜欢.

arisingv.呈现,出现,发生( arise的现在分词 ); (由…)引起; 起身; 例句:1.The propositions thus arising have been stated as universal laws of thought. 这样产生的命题也就被宣称为有普遍性的思维规律.

as stated above :如上所述.例句:1. The same as stated above or before. 同上,同前与上述或前述相同.2. The result of the investigation was reported as stated above. 现将调查结果报告如上.3. As stated above, performance is the major concern in query tuning. 如上所述,性能是查询调优中主要关心的问题.

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