steal vt. 偷; 悄悄地做,悄悄地走; 潜行; 不正当的获得及物动词 vi. 偷; 偷偷地行动:秘密、不显明地行动、发生或消失; [棒球]偷垒不及物动词 n. 偷窃; 便宜货; 便宜货


steal vt.偷; 悄悄地做,悄悄地走; 潜行; 不正当的获得; 双宾语:You're supposed to steal me jewelry and rolexes.你该给我偷些珠宝或劳力士手表.其他的:1.steal sth from sth.(some place) That man said that he would steal money from the bank.那个男的说他要从银行那里偷钱.2.steal sb's sth steal somebody's heart(literary) to make somebody fall in love with you

ROB 是暴力的强制行为,在受害人知情的状态下 STEAL 是被害人处于不知情的状态下失去东西


v.偷, 窃取, 偷窃, 偷盗 同义词 filch pilfer rob take thieve 例句 He that steal an egg will steal an ox.现在偷只蛋,将来会偷牛.To steal; filch.偷窃;小偷小摸 To steal; pilfer.窃取;偷 To steal; snatch.偷;攫取 She steal a purse.她偷了钱包.

steal [sti:l] vt. 剽窃;偷偷地做;偷窃 vi. 窃取;偷偷地行动;[棒球]偷垒 n. [口]偷窃;便宜货;偷垒

steal[sti:l]v.偷, 窃取, 偷窃, 偷盗stealstealAHD:[stl] D.J.[sti8l]K.K.[stil]v.(动词)stole[stl] sto.len[st“l…n] steal.ing,steals v.tr.(及物动词)To take (the property of another) without right or permission.偷:没有授权或未经允许拿(别人的财

rob 表抢劫,常说rob sb of sthsteal 表偷盗 常说 steal sth from sb

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