heteron. 1. 异性恋的,非同性恋[爱]的adj. 1. 异性恋[爱]者=================normativeadj. 1. 标准的,规范的adv. 1. 标准地,规范地n. 1. 标准,规范==================heteronormative异性恋规范的(反对同性恋) ===================


The story is based on the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., a mathematician and Nobel laureate who suffered from schizophrenia. The film gives us a unique first person perspective of the disease, drawing us into his world and allowing us to see what

http://www.gurusoftware.com/GuruNet/Personal/Topics/Values.htm Everyone seeks value. Everyone wants to become more valuable, and yet we go about it in many different ways. The one common thread in most of this seeking of value is that we

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