名词,有建议,提议,暗示,证据,迹象的意思.用法同一般名词,可数不可数看情况而定.My suggestion(建议) is that we shoud sent him to hospital.

You've got a neck to suggest such a thing.你竟然有脸提出这样一件事.The first suggestion of trouble ahead.1)名词、代词或动名词;suggest sb doing sth2)疑问词引导的不定式或宾语从句;suggest what to do/ what we should do3)that引导的宾语从句:当做建议的意思讲时,后面所接的从句要用虚拟语气形式..我是新手~只供参考~

1.I have been to Beijing before.我以前去过北京.2.We have a great time at the party.我们在舞会上度过了愉快的时光.3.He will go skating this Sunday.他这周日要去滑冰.4.I heard of his name before.我以前听说过他的名字.5.In fact, the student'

Travel increases one's knowledge of the world.旅游增进人对世界的了解.Foreign investments there increased five times.那里的外国投资增加了五倍.These flowers will increase every year.这些花会年复一年越长越多.His weight showed an increase of 3 lbs. in a month.他的体重在一个月内增加了三磅.

decide KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 决定;决意[+wh-][+to-v][+(that)] They decided that John must stay there.他们决定约翰必须留在那里.She decided to live in London.她决定住在伦敦.2. 使下决心;使决断[O2] What was it that finally decided you to give up

persuade造句:Hardly any temptation could persuade the boy to stir abroad after nightfall. 天黑以后,差不多无论什么诱惑也不能引着这孩子到外面去走动走动 解析:句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思.

decide kk: [] dj: [] vt.1. 决定;决意[+wh-][+to-v][+(that)] they decided that john must stay there.他们决定约翰必须留在那里.she decided to live in london.她决定住在伦敦.2. 使下决心;使决断[o2] what was it that finally decided you to give up your

1、Please consider my suggestion 2、I considering of changing a job 3、Where would you like to take a vacation ?4、i would like to go somewhere relaxing5、would you like to go shopping with me?亲,你差点难倒我了,would like 不是 would lilce 你看你抄都抄错了 哈哈

dull as lead swing the lead lead a visitor in he led us to the hotel she led the child across the street.她牵著那孩子穿过街道 he led the horses into the yard.他把马牵入围栏内 lead off

1、English are used by many people nowadays.2、Some examples here are used to explain those of things.3、Learned a foreign language cannot be alone but be in a class.4、Have you ever been to Kumming?你去过昆明吗?5、We are considering your suggestion.

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