nothing much doing:不会有多大的举动,as the situation cooled somewhatEventually,it became what the reporters call a watching brief、监督的协定.随着局势的缓和,它终于成为记者们称之为观察,只是随时可能有麻烦,but always the possibility of trouble

1.possibility:Is there any possibility that you'll be back by the weekend? 周末以前你有可能回来吗? 2.I can't stand your dullness any more.我再也不能忍受你的愚钝了.3.The happy days at school reawoke in my mind as I saw the picture.当看到这

possible 是形容词 修饰名词 It is possible to beat him. 打败他是有可能的 possibly 副词 修饰动词或形容词 Do you think that he could possibly be right?你觉得他有可能是对的吗?possibility 名词 there is no possibility to beat him. 打败他是不可能的

There be no/+adj possibility of doing /to do

The club excluded women from membership. 该俱乐部拒绝妇女入会.(拒绝接纳;把排除在外;不包括[(+from)]) The possibility of food poisoning has been excluded. 食物中毒的可能性已被排除.(排斥(可能性等);对不予考虑)

possibility用法:(1)there be possibility of(doing) sth有做的可能性 (2)there is a/the/no posibility that…有/没有可能(3)it is possible to do sth/that…有可能周末以前你可能回来吗? Is there any posibility that you'll be back by

There is a possibility that there is life on other planet在其他星球上有生命这是有可能的希望能帮到你,如有疑问,可继续追问

I'm very excited about the possibility of playing for England's first team想到可能为英格兰首屈一指的球队效力,我非常兴奋.I don't think there's any reason to get excited about inflation我认为大可不必为通货膨胀而心烦.

Police have discounted the possibility that this was a terrorist attack. 警方排除了这是一次恐怖袭击的可能性.


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