跟remember不是一样的.后面接doing.eg:They postponed sending an answer to a request.另外,postpone 后面可以接介词的to,表示延期到什么时候.eg:The concert has been postponed to Saturday.

To supply something is to make something available as per a request. Supplies are things that you need, such as office supplies, which can be found in office supply stores. It's difficult to make a clear distinction here.To provide something is similar

1、accept order 1)释义:接受订货;接价盘2)例句 We are very sorry about that we only accept order from retail shop or hair salon. 只接受发型屋或零售商店购买,不便之处,敬请原谅.2、accept as 1)释义:接受为;承认是2)例句 That

prefer的用法 1、后接不定式时与rather than 或instead of连用,如:He preferred to die rather than (to) steal. / He perferred to die instead of stealing. 他宁死也不去偷窃. 2、注意介词搭配,如: I prefer swimming to skating. (I like swimming better

13】leave sth about(1)乱丢/乱放某物 He is apt to leave things about.他总喜欢把东西到处乱放.(2) 把…随便乱放 Don't leave your things about. 别把东西到处乱扔.【14】leave sth aside搁置/不考虑某物/某事 Let's leave the matter aside for a

be absorbed in专心于

1. surprise可做名词,基copy本用法如下:1)表示“惊讶”时,是不可数名词.常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是2)表示“令人惊讶的事务/意外之事”时,是可数名词2. surprise还可以做及物动词,意思是“使

1. respect做名词的常用短语:give one's respects to 向致候 have respect for 尊敬[重], 重视 have respect to 牵 涉到, 关系到 注意到, 考虑到 in all respects (=in every respect) 无论在哪方面[哪一点]来看, 在各方面 in many respects 在许多方

celebrated是celebrate的过去式和过去分词 及物动词 vt. 1. 庆祝 We held a party to celebrate our success. 我们举行宴会庆祝我们的成功. 2. 举行(宗教仪式);主持(圣餐等) 3. 颂扬,赞美 The event was celebrated by poets and historians. 这一事件为诗人和历史学家所赞颂. 不及物动词 vi. 1. 庆祝,过节 Today is his birthday, so we're going to celebrate. 今天是他的生日,所以我们要庆祝一下. 2. 举行宗教仪式 3. 【口】欢乐

1.finish, enjoy, feel like, consider,imagine, keep,postpone, dely,mind,practise, suggest,risk,quit+doing 2.1)forget to do 忘记要去做某事(此事未做) forget doing忘记做过某事(此事已做过或已发生) 2)

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