一、所充当的句子成分不同1、“her”是人称代词“she”的宾格;人称代词“she”的所有格,形容词性物主代词.①作人称代词“she”的宾格时,在句子中充当宾语成分.如:Which is the girl you know? Is that her?你认识的姑娘是哪一位?

l patted her gentle on the shouldergentle改为gently,因为这里是对东磁patted进行修饰的,应该用副词的形式.意思是我轻轻地拍了下她的肩膀

reassuringly 英[ri:rl] 美[rirl] adv. 1.安慰地,鼓励地 副词 adv.1.安慰地,鼓励地 He patted her knee reassuringly.他轻拍她的膝盖让她放心.The doctor smiled reassuringly.医生笑了笑, 让人心里很踏实.

He的宾格是him,her(应该是she)的宾格是her him 英 [hm] 美 [hm] pron.(he的宾格)他 her 英 [h(r)] 美 [h, ,hr] pron.(she的宾格)她;(she的所有格)她的;她,指某个国家,(一艘)船

I have a good friend, every time we met each other gifts, last Sunday, when I was fishing, my friend came over, patted me on the shoulder. Then ask you good recently. I can


My weekend is very great!On sutaday,I usually get up at 8:00. in the morning. At 8:30 I eat breakfast. I Often go shopping.at 9:00. Then at 10:00 I play compute games. I eat lunch at 11 In the afternoon ,I do homework from 3 to .5. I play sports. After eating dinner I go to bed This is my weekend!

c 拍、打、抓住某人的某部位:动词+某人+介词+the+某部位

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