pay for 赔偿;为而付钱;为付出代价 例句:1.I can't pay for the books now.这些书我现在不能付款.2.Must I pay for my cancel?我需要为我的取消付款吗?3.How would you like to pay for this today?请问你今天要怎么付款?4.Must I pay for the hotel with my credit card?我必须用信用卡付款吗?希望对你有帮助 注意采纳最佳答案哦

pay for sth 造句 解答 可以造句如下:mum paid some money for my toys.she pays some money for the books.

i paid the house owner a great amount of money for the house. 我向屋主出了很高的价钱买下了这房子.

It's free,so you don't pay money fou me.

I paid 3 yuan for this book. 买这本书我花了三元 It's free,so you don't pay money fou me.

What about going shopping?Look at this book.Please pay for the money.The sky is full of stars

what about you?你呢? please look at the photo.请看照片 please pay for it .请为他结账 my heart is full of love.我的心充满爱 希望对你有帮助1望采纳

He'll have to pay for what he has done.他将为自己所做的一切付出代价.

pay的基本用法是:(1) pay (sb.) money for sth. 付钱(给某人)买…….例:I have to pay them 20 pounds for this room each month. 我每个月要付20英磅的房租.(2)pay for sth. 付……的钱.例:I have to pay for the book lost. 我不得不赔丢失的

为…而付钱;负担…的费用:“Have you paid for these books?”“Yes, I have paid thirty dollars for these book.”“这些书的钱你付了吗?”“付了,我付了30美元.”赔偿;补偿:Of course, I'm quite willing to pay for the lost bike.当然,遗失了自行车我愿意赔偿.付出…代价;为…受到惩罚;得到…的报应;吃亏:You have acted foolishly and you will pay for it.你干了些蠢事,你会因此而得到报应.

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