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practical system

surveillance system 观测系统; [英][svelns sistm][美][svelns sstm]

adversary system 对抗系统 双语例句: 1.Influenced by the inertia of inquisitorial thoughts, the exchange and persuasionmechanism of adversary system in criminal lawsuit is neglected. 受职权主义惯性思维的影响,刑事诉讼中对抗制所具有的交涉

recognition system un.认识系统;识别系统 识别装置;视觉识别系统;辨识系统 例句1.A speech recognition system must expend significant processing to turn your speech into text.语音识别系统必须付出大量的处理把您的语音转为文本.2.

security system英 [sikjuriti sistm]美 [skjrti/s'kjurt sstm]n. 保障国家(或国际)安全系统双语例句1. proposals to reform the social security system 更多牛津改革社会保障体制的建议来自《权威词典》2. Each of the

PCCS色彩体系 日本色彩研究所于1964年发表了日本色彩研究配色体系 Practical Color Co-ordinate System (简称PCCS体系).PCCS主要是以色彩调和为目的的色彩体系. 明度和彩度在这里结合成为色调,PCCS就是用色调和色相这两个系统来表示色彩调和的基本色彩体系.PCCS体系同样具有色彩三属性:色相、明度、彩度. PCCS体系中将色彩分为24个色相、17个明度色阶和9个彩度等级,再将色彩群外观色的基本倾向分为12个色调.我们在学习研究中,主要用到的就是这个体系. PCCS色相环 PCCS色调图

practical sense 实践感 为人踏实有责任心短语practical common sense 实际常识From Practical Sense 从现实意义来看Warm and practical sense 温暖踏实有安全感双语例句 原声例句 权威例句1.And I came to understand that my (put plainly, astonishing) degree meant nothing at all in a practical sense. 跟读我一步步地认识到,我那(实事求是地说,惊人的)学位在一切实际的意义中意味着零.为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

意思“实践能力”Clinical teaching will help students-lawyer way of thinking and practical ability to deal with.诊所式教抄学法有助于培养学生律师式思维2113方5261式和实际应对能力.为你解答,4102如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,1653谢谢.

According to the knowledge of learning has been to deepen our knowledge of the application, the application of knowledge to design a low cost, simple and practical principles of the system. Dual Temperature Control MCU is He Xin, the design in

Letter of the system, including smart alarm clock, date, as well as the main part of the three major temperature alarm to STC89C52 for the master chip, the DS1302 provides time, DS18B20 real-time temperature, LCD1602 display real-time, dynamic


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