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register for a class翻译

Register for a class A:Good morning , Student Registration . What can I do for you ?B:Good morning , Miss . I want to register for a class .A:Sure . Tell me your name and student ID number , please .B:My name is Sandy Mark . S-a-n-d-y M-a-r-k . My

A: Hello, I need to register for a class.B: What class are you trying to take?A: I want to take a Psychology class.B: Well, there are only two classes open.A: Can you tell me what days the classes are on?B: One class is on Tuesday and Thursday from

register a free account 全部释义和例句>>注册一个免费账户

两个都是注册的意思,sign up口语里面最常用,register比较正式一点.

从内容理解,这应该是有关通过对身体的气味来鉴定同属一组家庭成员的试验.在未参与这项测试之前,大多数的被测试者都没有真正想过,气味可以作为鉴定同属一组家庭成员的线索;然而试验的结果显示,即使不是有意识地将之纳入考虑之列,气味却能配对准确.conciously - 有意识地 ; register 在这不能直译,一般意思是注册、寄存.. ; 在印刷方面有 print register/off register - 印花对花准确/对花不准,所以 register 在这可以理解为对准.


register a free account 全部释义和例句>>注册一个免费账户

请参考MSDN:RegisterClassThe RegisterClass function registers a window class for subsequent use in calls to the CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx function. RemarksIf you register the window class by using RegisterClassA, the application tells

signed up for a class

"This few days received school admission notice, writing above the Orientation commences in February 9th, I am now in foreign countries, I would like to ask is there 16 may be returned to Australia to register for a class? Because I have already

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