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remember doing造句

remember to do 是记住准备去做某事 remember doing是记得做过某事 选c,我记得我离开前十关了门的,但是忘了要去关灯

remember doing sth记得已做 remember to do sth 记得未做 (还有相关的类型词regret,forget,stop,go on,mean,suggest等)

remember to do 记着去做某事(还未做) remember doing 记得做过某事(做完了) eg. Remember to call me. 记着给我打电话.I remember seeing the man somewhere.我记得在某处见过这个人.

i remember turning off the light, why are they on now?

I like to talk with him .. 我喜欢和他聊天..I like swimming. 我喜欢游泳..like doing 通常表示爱好兴趣

to 代表要去做 还没做的事情 (记着即将要做的事) doing 代表 记得已经做过了的事情(记住/忘记已做之事) exp: Did you remember to do the shopping? 你记得要去购物吗? I remember locking the door. (=I remember that I locked the door. remember +doing sth. 意为记

I didn't remember buying a box of chocolate.我忘了买一盒巧克力了.

I remember seeing him in the street

Please remember to eat lunch. I am sorry,I forget to my homework.I remember playing computer with my sister yesterday.I forget calling you.

1. Mr Smith is strict in teaching.2. Remember to come to my office after class..3. He remembered telling you the truth.4. Don't forget to hand in your homework after class.

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