1.The sign reads"Turn Right". 标识写着"右转".2.Go straight and turn right. 直走然后右拐.3.Turn right at the next crossing. 在下个十字路口向右拐. 4. have to go right now. 我现在得走了. 5.You are right.你是对的.

You'r right.你是对的.


you are right

right away 释义:immediately; without delay 立即;马上;毫不耽搁 双语造句:■I want it sent right away.马上把它发出去.■He wants to see you right away.他想立刻见你.■He was fantastically handsome - I just fell for him right away.他帅极了 - 我

1.the sign reads"turn right". 标识写着"右转".2.go straight and turn right. 直走然后右拐.

Go straight down the street and turn right,there is the right way you want,no matter how long it is ,once you find it, it is all right.

对right的不同意思的造句Just right place,right time.只不过是天时地利而已Turn right and right again.向右拐,然后再向右拐.All right.I am all right.很好,我很好.I don't smoke anymore.我不再抽烟了.

they worked all day and all night.他们夜以继日的工作.不清楚可以再问,望采纳,谢谢~

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