prevent [pri'vent; pri:-] vt. 1. 防止;预防:These rules are intended to prevent accidents.这些规则旨在防止事故发生.2. 阻止;阻挡(from):The rain prevented us from playing football.雨使我们不能踢足球了.3. 阻碍;妨碍:Unless we get more

withhold英 [whld] 美 [whold] vt. 扣留;拒绝给予;抑制(某事物);制止,阻挡 vi. 忍住,克制

不难区分 意思不同的whithhold: to hold back from action.克制 阻止的意思withstand:经得起,抵抗 to resist successfully; to be stand up against;withdraw:to take back or away from a place or situation. 撤消;取回;撤退等从英文解释更能分辨出来不同.

withholding英 [w'hld] 美 [w'hold] n.扣缴税款例句:1、I think you are withholding the fact from me. 我知道你对我隐瞒了事实真相.2、We couldn't withhold our laughter. 我们忍不住大笑起来.3、How shall I withhold from


1 With the help of you, I succeed in the end2 You help is the key with which I can succeed3 The teacher came into the classroom with a book in her hand4 With a lot of things to do, Jim decided not to go out to play5 You should hold on your own ideas

withhold and remit tax代扣代缴;


应该是withhold吧withhold ['wi'huld; wiθ-] vt. 1. 阻止;阻挡;制止:The dam can withhold the pressure of the water.大坝可以阻挡水的压力.[美国英语]扣除,代扣(所得税等);扣留:The boss withheld the payment until they had completed the

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