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too soon a woman

你好!Too soon a woman 太早的女人

太认真太心急I wonder where you where 我想知道你在哪里I wonder what your thinking about tonight 我想知道你今晚想什么I wonder 我想.Maybe your alone 也许你孤单Maybe you?ve been crying just like me 也许你也象我一样哭泣I wonder

gareth gates的歌I wonder where you where I wonder what your thinking about tonight I wonder Maybe your alone Maybe youve been crying just like me I wonder I dont know why I lost your touch Maybe I wanted to be loved too much Too serious,

应该是 too serious to soon 吧? 表面意思就是 时间转瞬即逝,不必太过苛刻. 翻译得好听点可以说是,把握现在,或是 珍惜眼前,反正就那个方面的意思啊.还有另1种解释就是:一见钟情.!(在歌里就是,有1个歌也是too serious too soon`

Buddy Guy - Too Soon LyricsNo use crying, don't you understand?You're all false, baby, you lost a damn good manToo much drama and too many tearsYou don't have to go home but you can't stay hereToo soon, baby, that's much too soon, yesIf I

你好!woman通常指女性,a woman则更加生活化,况且一个女人的帽子都多得很,要是所有女人就不好形容了.如有疑问,请追问.

too soon 是太快的意思

为你解答.One day a farmer arrived at a woman's house. He borrowed a pan(平底锅) form her. Very soon he returned it to her. He gave her another small one and said it was a baby. The woman was (3c.happy) and took it. A few days (4 b.later) ,

Too serious, too soon太认真太心急

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