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tell sb about sth造句

tell sb.about sth也可tell sb.sth也可以,要看用在那里

tell sb. about sth告诉某人某事 | 告诉某人关于某事 | 把某事告诉某人 | 告诉某人关于某方面的事

Don't tell her about the news.不要把消息告诉给她.

The teacher tells the students about how to prepare the exam.译文:老师告诉学生怎样准备考试. I want to tell you about the result of the 110m hurdles.我想告诉你关于110米栏的比赛结果.采纳哦

tell sb. sth. = tell sb. about sth. = tell sth. to sb. 告诉某人某事I tell him about the secret

about是介词 是关于的意思 I tell Mike about his mom是对的

tell me about your QQ

1、I will tell you a story.我会给你讲个故事.2、Tell me your name, please! 请告诉我你的名字! 3、I told him my name. 我把名字告诉了他. 延伸:tell sb sth. 告诉某人某事 tell sb of/about sth. 向某人讲述某事/有关的情况

I tell you a story about an old man.

Can you tell me some information about the trip ? Let me tell you the interests about studing English

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