underscored可用emphasized替换:The newer understanding of the health hazards of passive smoking were emphasized in another report.重组句子:The other report

Finca Omblancas Seleccion Especial Jumilla 酒名 Grape Type: Mourvedre 葡萄品种 Broad and deeply plum flavors underscored by dark chocolate and roasted coffee.

underscore[英][ndsk:(r)][美][ndrsk:(r)]vt.划线于…下,强调; n.底线; (表示强调的)下方划线; (影片等的)伴音; 第三人称单数:underscores过去分词:underscored复数:underscores现在进行时:underscoring过去式:underscored例句:1.Even questions on the national driving exam underscore the potential peril. 甚至国家驾照考试里也有题目对潜在危险予以特别强调


industry 英 ['ndstr] 美 ['ndstri] n. 产业;工业;勤勉 [网络短语] industry 产业,工业,行业 Culture industry 文化工业,文化产业,产业文化 chemical industry 化学工业,化工,化工行业 造句:1、The conference underscored the

您的问题很简单.呵呵.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:ever-tinier翻译:不断减小的The episode also underscored the growing power of amateur video, shot on cellphones and ever- tinier digital cameras, to hold the powerful to

introduction[英][ntrdkn] [美][ntrdkn] 生词本简明释义n.介绍;引言,导言;采用,引进;新采用的东西复数:introductions以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典百科释义同反义词1.N-COUNT引言;序言;导

Voting Rights Act投票权法案:网络释义1. 选举权法案例句:1.In 1982, he led a successful fight to defeat the reagan administration's effort to weakenthe voting rights act. 1982年,在他带领下,里根政府削弱投票权法案的企图未能得逞.2.The

underscore英[ndsk:(r)]美[ndrsk:(r)]vt.划线于…下,强调n.底线; (表示强调的)下方划线; (影片等的)伴音网络下划线; 下划线符号符号; 下划线符号第三人称单数:underscores复数:underscores现在分词:underscoring过去式:underscored过去分词:underscored

such that如此…以致In the paper, the researchers underscored the importance of limiting sun exposure such that the skin does not change color (tan) or burn.在论文中,研究人员强调了阳光照射限度的重要性,例如皮肤不能改变颜色(晒黑)或者

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