boring 英[b:r] 美[br, bor-] adj. 无聊的,无趣的; 令人厌烦的; 单调的,乏味的; n. 钻孔; 钻屑; v. 令人厌烦(bore的现在分词); [例句]Not only are mothers not paid but also most of their boring or difficult work is unnoticed.母亲们不但得不到报酬,而且她们做的那些乏味艰苦的工作常常都不为人所注意.[其他] 原型: bore 复数:borings

直译:风在我翅膀下 意译:我乘风飞翔

《春晓》英译如下:1、《春晓》 Sexual Morning 春眠不觉晓, I don't wanna wake after an overnight fight,处处闻啼鸟. I find cock screaming everywhere i pass by.夜来风雨声, Sex blowing every night almost makes me die,花落知多少.

一款吸引力不可忽视的属于女人的味道whose magnetic presence cannot leave unnoticed 修饰的是A scent

From the Urban dictionary: Unevent1) 无人赴约的会:an event that was poorly planned or was seen as being uninteresting so no one shows up for it.2) 无通知的会:any event that goes unnoticed. As compared to a non-event where people

原文:Many of the crimes have gone unnoticed ,because some people dare not report them to the police. (原句cirmes笔误改为crimes) 译文:由于人们不敢报官,使得很多恶行逍遥法外. 你翻译成逍遥法外非常好!

Theres a girl ,Who sits under the bleachers 有一个女孩喜欢坐在露天看台 Just another day eating alone ,And though she smiles 天天独自一人吃饭,微笑牵强 There is something just hiding ,And she cant find a way to relate 新的生活云波诡异,但


Many of the cirmes have gone unnoticed ,because some people dare not report them to the police .

所谓的肢体语言是我们不可或缺的一部分,以至于常常被忽视.what is called:所谓的so much在此表示强调或加强语气.

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