I want to be a volunteer in the future. -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.

And for this I need one volunteer. 为此,我需要一个志愿者.I volunteer because I have the time. 我参加志愿者是因为我有时间But if you like, I can arrange a visit from a canine volunteer. 但是如果你愿意的话,我可以安排一位“狗义工”来看你. 谢谢采纳!

She now helps in a local school as a volunteer three days a week

I want to be a volunteer. 我想成为一名志愿者

They should be volunteering to provide support and expertise. 人们应该去提供资金和技术.For example, if you're a guy, you don't to be volunteering as a firefighter because there is a very little chance that you will find a woman there. 比如,你是

郭敦回答:Volunteern,志愿者.Voluntarya,自愿的,义务的.上星期日,我和同学们到公园清扫垃圾,大家都做了志愿的清洁工.Last Sunday, my classmates and I to the park for collecting refuse, we all do the volunteer cleaners.Volunteer,也可用voluntary代替.

答案是:I would like to volunteer my pocket money.

是名词的时候,+to do sth是说这个“志愿者”做了什么什么事情+ for sth是说这个“志愿者”为那些事服务 the volunteers for olympics【奥运志愿者】 是动词的时候.volunteer就变成了“自愿”的意思 they volunteered to offering service during olympic games【他们自愿为奥运会服务】 意思就变成了某某某"自愿"去做什么什么事和某某某"自愿”做了什么什么事.

i want to volunteer as a volunteer 在这里 as 后面可以接一种职业,表示志愿做

百度上的: 使祖国繁荣富强,是我们几代人的共同志愿. 我自己想的:我的志愿就是现在努力学习,将来做个有用的人. 我的志愿就是现在努力学习,将来做个栋梁之才. 你喜欢哪句自己选择吧、望采纳!

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