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[图文] As boys mature, the friendship becomes even more important, and it frequently widens to include girls. Durinin the service, if _ A. legal ambiguity is clarified in all the states B. renters are warned not to violate

[图文] dsofsongsto be downloaded for free. Last Thursday,the four promised not to violate the companies'copyrights.Although they did not admit any wrongdoing,they each agreed to pay

They want to mature I can't figure outI don't know what's in their mouths.The earth is falling everyone is low headWaiting to be rescued from each otherDon't give me a good outline and tell me what to do.I choose the way I know how to breakI was

deliberate adj. 故意的;深思熟虑的;从容的 vt. 仔细考虑;商议 [例句]His movements were gentle and deliberate.他动作舒缓,从容不迫.mature adj. 成熟的;充分考虑的;到期的;成年人的 vi. 成熟;到期 vt. 使…成熟;使…长成;慎重作出 [例句]You and I are mature, freethinking adults.你和我都是心态成熟、思想自由的成年人.

immature [,im'tju] adj. 不成熟的 [ 名词immaturity 副词immaturely ] . 展开《21世纪大英汉词典》. 折叠《21世纪大英汉词典》immature [,im'tju] adj. 1. 发育未全的;未成熟的;未完全发展的 2. 未完成的;不完全的;粗糙的 3. 【地质学】幼

In aquaculture, the broodstock is a group of sexually mature individuals of a cultured species that is kept separate for breeding purposes. 在水产养殖业里,B~ 是指为了饲养的目的,被分隔开来的一群性发育成熟的饲养品种个体. Broodstocks are

[图文] mature trees, because living _ space _ for _ most _ of _ man's _ fellow _ creatures _ on _ this _ pl a job waiting tables, nicknamed himself the Diabetic Rockstar, and created diabeticrockstar.com, a free

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