An adult panda ten times the body length is a panda in length

weighs times more

大熊猫,又名大猫熊食肉目,大熊猫科,中国Ⅰ级保护动物,并被列入濒危野生动植物种国际贸易公约(CITES)附录Ⅰ.英文:Panda 大熊猫分布于中国四川西部、陕西秦岭南坡以及甘肃文县等地.是中国特有种.栖息于海拔2000—3500m

ay panda and adult pandaThe first point: the panda shape plump, chubby, who only black and white two colors (doesn't love clean panda is black and

Panda are cute animals.They live in the forests or the mountains and they eat bamboo for food.The grown-up panda is about from 120 to 190 metres tall.And its weight is about 85 to 125 kilometres.The skin of panda is black and white,it's thick and

PandasPandas are my favourite animals. In fact, all the people like pands as well. Pandas living in the wild can live for 20 years while the pandas that live in the zoos can have a life of more thqn 30 years. Pandas are really lovely. They can not only

熊猫(Pandas) There are some pandas in the zoo. They look like a bear, but they are not a bear. They live in China. They have a small tail and fat body. They are black and white. They're very clumsy, but they can climb trees. They like to eat

This is a panda called Panpan.She is six years old.She is black and white.She has two big eyes.She is gentle and cute,Her favorite food is bamboo leaves.She likes climbing trees.She likes simming,too.Everyone likes them.Pandas comes from


There is a very popular zoo in Sichuan.There is a lovely and beautiful animal in the zoo. It's the famous panda. The adult panda is very big and has black and white hair.Bamboo is the favorite food for pandas. They lived happily in the forest. But at the

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