你好,很高兴为你解答,警告:本站含有成人内容18一下禁止进入的英文是:warning: this site contains adult contents, no entry for less than 18-years-old !希望能够帮到你~

成人1.adult2.adult - n. a grown person3.manhood4.der erwachsene 成人,成人的1.adult (n.,a.) 成人夜校1.night school for adults2.night school for adult 成人学校1.adult school2.adultschool 成人教育学1.adult education2.adulteducation

animation for adults.

Good morning everyone, I am very honored to speak here. In the past days, all of us, want our 18-year-old, eager to mature, eager to grown up,we think as we grow up there will designed a new world .Now, I really grew up, I have a lot of experience

Long long ago,there lived a very clever boy called Sima Guang.One day,he played with a lot of children in the garden.Some children were playing games.Some children were picking flowers.Some children were climbing trees and high rocks.They

adult 英['dlt; 'dlt]美['dlt]adj. 成年的;成熟的n. 成年人

亚洲成人电台翻译为:Asian Adult Radio

1.(发育成熟) grow up; become full-grown 2.(成年人) adult; grown-up

成人的英文单词是adult.它的英式读法是['dlt];美式读法是['dlt].作名词意思是成年人;成年动物.作形容词意思是成年的;理智的;适合成年人的;成熟的.相关例句:1、Child who is not accompanied by an adult will not be admitted.

这个只能意义 因为成人 这里是指心理成熟have a mature psychology before becoming well-educated

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