Unit1 as for 至于,关于junk food 垃圾食品how many 多少of course 当然;自然look after 照顾;照看a lot of 大量;许多once a week 每周一次Animal World 动物世界unit2have a cold 受凉;感冒be stressed out 有压力的;紧张的a few 有些;几个

1.grow up 2.a professional basketball player 3.study math really hard4.move to sp 5.a computer programmer 6.study computer science7.sound like 8.somewhere quiet and beautiful 9.move somewhere interesting10.a year or two 11.at the same time

Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music ?1. turn down (音量)放小,(光线)调暗 turn up (音量)放大,(光线)调亮 turn on 打开(开关、按钮) turn off 关(开关、按钮) 2. not at all 一点也不 3. right away = in a minute 立刻,马上 4.

<be>stressed out how long get back come over in common be good at begin with trun on mix up hang out How often do you exercise?What's the matter?What are you doing for vacation?How do you get to school ?Can you conme to my party?*(英语书上都有的.每个单元的标题都是重点句)

Unit 10 I am going to be a basketball player.重点词组1. grow up 长大,成长2. be going to do = want to do 打算做某事 3. computer programmer 电脑程序设计师4. baseball

句型1.do the dishes2.sweep the floor 3.take out the trash 4.make the bed 5.fold the clothes 6.clean the living room 7.no problem8.certainly9.buy some drinks and snacks10.borrow some money 11.invite my f

Part one 重点单词和短语1.could you please…你能……吗?/请你干…….好吗?2.do the dishes 洗餐具 3.sweep the floor清扫地板 4.take out the trash倒垃圾 5.make one's bed铺床 6.fold one's clothes叠衣服 7.c


Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park? have a great time 玩的愉快 take a ride 兜风 end up 结束 on board 在船(飞机、火车)上 exchange student

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