我刚好是八年级的,在上人教版 翻译:决心是给自己的承诺,它们可以帮助你变成一个更好的人,而去让你的生活更安逸.我打算制订四个决心.第一个决心和我的自我提升有关.明年或许更早一些,我打算培养一种新的业余爱好.我觉得唱歌是一项很棒的活动,因此我打算学习唱歌.我想这也将会使我的家人快乐,因为它们喜欢在一起听音乐,唱歌. 望采纳!



People always say home sweet home, there is no doubt that home is very important for everyone. Before I went to high school, I lived with my parents all the time, so I don't have much idea about home. In my opinion, home was the place for me to


hen I lived in my hometown, I liked raining so much, it seemed that I could walk it to the sky. Now I live in the city, but I never see such beautiful rainbow again. The city's buildings cover the sky.当我住在家乡的时候,我很喜欢下雨, so close to me,

第六单元A部分的3a Dear lssbel, thank you for your letter. here are photos of me and my twin sister liu ying. as you can see,in some ways we look the some ways we look different . wo both have black eyes and black hair, although my hair is shorter

八年级上册3a翻译第一单元第3面3a--------格林高中的学生做什么? 这是格林高中的学生活动调查的结果:大多数学生每周锻炼三或四次.一些学生每周锻炼一两次.一些学生非常活跃,每天都锻炼.至于家庭作业,大多数学生每天都做家庭作

I spent the last primary school trip, I feel very happy. We went to the aquarium, just start us to go to see a dolphin performance, and then see some clever seals, and finally to see the lovely octopus. We feel very happy! After lunch, we go to the other animals. This is really a happy travel!

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