Unit2 作文:进入初三以后, 我们跟过去相比在各个方面都发生了很大的变化.写一篇短文,对比这几年你前后的不同.包括长相,性格,爱好,行为习惯等方面.80个词左右.I have changed a lot during the past few years. I used to be very

DO you know anything interesting about colors? Color can change our moods and make us feel happy or sad, energetic or sleepy. For example, wearing white clothes can make you feel calmed peaceful. If you feel stressed you should wear white

Dear **,first thank you for writting to us, and we hope that you have got out of that trouble.亲爱的**,首先先感谢你给我们写信,我们也希望你现在已经走出那个困境.in fact, every teacher likes their students, and they always hope that their students

Nowadays , we can easily find that the study environment is changing. In the past, we have a little homework and we have many free time .We can do anything we like in this free time. At the same time , we can paly with our friends and families at

:Dear Tom, I know it isn't easy to learn English, but.not every word.listening can help. You could find

The spring Festival is a good holiday in china.We are all very happy at this time.We have a lot of food to eat and a lot of things to play.We go to our Relatives's home and share the happyness together.Our elders will give some money to us as the gift.The Spring Festival is perfect and we like it very much.

It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. She used to be short when she was younger, but now she is tall. She used to be alone, but now she has many good friends. I remember she used to play football, but now she likes playing tennis. She used to

There are many kinds of pollution in my hometown, such as air pollution, water pollution, plastic pollution and so on. There is no doubt that these pollution has brought a lot of bad effects.For example,air pollution increases the risk of disease. Besides

so i become taller and stronger than before. i like reading, toohow i changemy life has changed a lot in the past three years. i was fat and short when i came to the middle school. at that time i was interested in computer games and i spent most of

I'm not going to do the job for you because you have the responsibility to do it by yourself. However what I can do for you is to show you the strategies of interviews. I had a whole lecture which talked all the aspects you can work on for all kinds of

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