(14) ______ (not frighten) the boy. He's much younger than you. You should ______ (be) friendly to him. (15) If you want ______ (be) healthy, you need ______ (do) some exercise every day. (16) Th

初一英语练习题(一)一、辨音:( )1.a.really b.ready c.bread d.sweater( )2.a.window b.yellow c.snow d.brown( )3.a.cool b.room c.good d.moon( )4.a.red b.then c.ticket d.

初一上册的英语单项选择题题80道啊 1 What do you think _____solve the problem ? A.you can do B.can you do C.you can do to D.can you do to 2 In the past he often made his sister___, but now he is often made __by his sister. A.to cry; to cry B.cry

七年级上册期末考试英 语 试 题亲爱的同学们,请你们认真审题,并且注意书写工整、认真答题,考出自己的真实水平!Good Luck!请将第一卷答案写在答题卡内,否则不记分第一卷选择题I. 单项选择题(25)分1.I think it is ________


初一英语上册期中练习题一、把下列单词按划线部分的读音归类(10%)lake, fat, cake, make, Ann, gate, dad, map, face, fax1.[ei]______ ______ ______ ______ ______2.[]______ ______ ______ ______ ______二、填空(每空一词)(


1.Lily was so ___looking at the picture that she forgot the time. A,carefully B,careful C,busily D,busy 答案:B 2.Putting paper cuts on the windows ______ good luck. A.means B.meaning c.to mean D.mean 答案A 3.Look!Tony is wearing a_______

笔试部分一、 单项选择:(共15分)( )1.Hello, 7894153. __________ Mr. Smith. A. I'm B. This is C. That is D. He's ( ) 2. What class ______ Xiao Ma and Xiao Li in? A. am B. is C. are D. be ( ) 3.Is _______ mother an English teacher? A.

I. 词汇: 15% A: 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空:5% 1. There are seven ___boxes____ (box) under the window. 2. The car over there isn't _mine_______ (me). 初一上(末)英语(6-1) 3. ---What are _these_____ (this)?

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