时间状语引导词:when, while, as, before, after, since, until/till, once, every time, whenever, no nooer…than…, hardly/scarcely…when…, as soon as, the moment, directly, immediately….地点状语引导词:where, wherever, everywhere, anywhere…

1)引导原因状语从句的连词主要有because, as, since: because: because it was wet he took a taxi. 由于下雨他叫了一辆出租车. he was worried because he hadn't had any letter from her. 他很担忧因为他没收到过她一封信. as: as david

to表目的状语where表地点状语when表时间状语with表伴随状语because表原因状语 if表条件

1. 时间状语从句常用引导词:when, as, while, as soon as, while, before, after, since , till, until2. 地点状语从句常用引导词:where3. 原因状语从句常用引导词:because, since, as, since4. 目的状语从句常用引导词:so that, in order that5. 结果状语从句常用引导词:so … that, so… that, such … that,6. 条件状语从句常用引导词:if, unless, 7. 让步状语从句常用引导词:though, although, even if, even though

引导状语从句的词语叫从属连词.不同作用的状语从句通常由不同的从属连词来引导.如:1. 引导时间状语从句的从属连词主要有when, while, as, whenever, before, after, since, until, till, as soon as, the moment, the minute, the second, the instant,

1 Tom is taller than Mike.2. The West Lake is as beautiful as the Summer Palace.

1、时间状语从句When I came into the room, he was writing a letter.当我进屋时,他正在写信.We shall go there whenever we are free.我们什么时间有空,我们就去那里. when指的是“某一具体的时间”.whenever指的是“在任何一个不具体

一、名词从句1、连词that,whether or not,if2、连接代词who want whose which等3、连接副词,when where why how二、定语从句,that which,whom,whose至于where,where,

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