You'd better not to go to the places full of people.

1 I want to go to a person many of the place/one little place, practise driving, my drive level is not too good/is very poorI want to go to a nobody place and have a good rest for a few days.I want to go to a nobody place fishing, too many people here,

用英语表达不喜欢人多的地方 I really don't like the places crowded with so many people.我真的不喜欢有如此多人的地方.

人少的地方A place with few people人多的地方A crowded place

1 I want to go for a rest where there are no people.2 I feel like going where there few people just to have a few days' good rest.3 Don't go where there are many people,for it is much too noisy there.

我们不能在人多的地方玩耍We can't play in the places with many people

Not go anywhere=不去任何地方 (最直接的) have nowhere to play=没有地方玩 Didn't go to any place to play=不去什么地方玩 Did not go anywhere to play=什么地方都没去玩 楼主选吧

Do not many places in the crowd gathered to avoid being bacterial infection. Do not enclosed area must be air circulation. There must be uncomfortable to see a doctor promptly. Optimistic about their own body, broke the trouble. 以上4句,仅供参考.

We should cultivate a good habits, more brushing, more bathing,do exercise in the morning, develop a good eating habits, Don`t go the place which there are many people gathered . Open the windows and doors in the classes, make classroom more ventilation. 希望对你有帮助

把带口罩少出门 Wear masks and stay indoors unless necessary.避免去人多的地方 Never go to crowded places.回家勤洗手: Wash hands frequently upon returning to home.保持1米距离:Keep one-meter distance from other people.

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