Kingdom of Denmark (The Kingdom of Denmark) is a Nordic,it is beautiful and rich country. In Danish language, Danish for "Dan", Mai as "fields", the Danish for "Dan the fields" was conveyed. In Denmark most of the land is latitude 54034

Business activities in Denmark in spring and autumn Yichuan security suit. To Denmark to men, to prepare a night dress, the local elites at the conference, the dress is much more stress than other European countries. Best to carry a rain coat. Unit

kingdom of denmark (the kingdom of denmark) is a nordic,it is beautiful and rich country. in danish language, danish for "dan", mai as "fields", the danish for "dan the fields" was conveyed. in denmark most of the land is latitude 54034 'to

首都:Denmark's capital is Copenhagen 居住人数:Denmark, the total population of about 5,430,000, of whom 2.68 million male population, female population 2,740,000最著名的地方:Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the Nordic is one of

Denmark - IntroductionIntroductionDenmark lies between 54?and 58?of latitude north and 8?and 15?of longitude east. In addition to Denmark itself, the kingdom also includes the Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark consists of the peninsula

Denmark is a Scandinavian country, along with Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Like its neighbours, Denmark is built on a history of fearsome Vikings who set sail and fought other countries all over the world. Today, Denmark is more civilised

There is one bicycle road around the Danmark Pavillion .丹麦馆的周围一圈是一条自行车跑道.We can also see walkmen and other elements refers to the sustainable development .我们还可以看到行人和其它与可持续发展息息相关的元素.

兄弟你给的分是在太少了..但是我还是本着帮助朋友的态度帮你翻译了 -.-!丹麦的地理:Denmarks is located in Northern Europe between the North Sea and the Baltic. Denmark also includes the Faros and Greenland in the Norht Atlantic.The


BIG,Danish Pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai,China 上海2010世博会丹麦馆2009年03月10日 星期二 下午 07:44Architects Bjarke Ingels Group have won a competition to design the Danish Pavilion for Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.The pavilion

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