we have to learn grammar.&quot,my relatives,my friends and even my classmates.There was so many gifts and a big cake;At school,do they forget my birthday?How could this be!I was so sad that I couldn' 这些很全.But I was still expecting the

Three Days to See

Dear Mr.Li,Last Sunday,I went to do some reading in your library.But I find some problems in the library.First,A lot of people want to look books what was new.but,I can't find new books in the library

您好:1.The Pros and Cons of Touring Out and Staying at Home in Summer Vacation Some students prefer to travel for better view of the world, others prefer to rest at home for better storage of str

a seven day long holiday has flown away. mourning my happy hours during the vacation, i've been looking forward to winter holidays. people around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. then, is it fair that people have the same amount of

Energy Energy makes the world go, It is indispensible to both animal life and human life. We get heat energy from the food we eat, light energy from the sun and electricity from water. In the hot summer when there ia a power outage we feel all the

Saying No to Drugs Never to try drugs. Say "No" every time anyone ever tries to give or sell you drugs. Don't speak to that person again. Drugs are addictive, so please do not think that you might be stronger than other people. Even taking a drug

写信篇: Dear Mr Smith, I was so pleased to hear from you and am writing to tell you something about my school. You are right. Quite a few changes have taken place. On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side,

第一篇:现在,我很苦恼.我买了一本英语书,可是我不知道它的意思.我一点也看不懂.我想,也许我要好好的学习英语.只有这样我才能学会很多知识,才能看懂英语和别人交流.我要对自己说一句:加油!i was depressed because i

一、明星代言问题 On the Celebrity Spokesperson Currently, we could hardly live a single day without seeing a celebrity spokesperson promoting a product or a social campaign on TV, net or other media. This is an intensely popular trend

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