relate to sth. : 与---有关;涉及; 有关; 叙述; 有关; 有联系 [同义词]: refer to sth., involve with sth., touch upon sth., deal with sth., have/as connection with sth., be connected to sth.

amaze的用法 amaze (v.)表示“使惊讶”,常用在下列句式里. A. be amazed at sth.表示“对……感到惊讶”,介词at的后面常跟表示某件事情或某物的名词或代词作宾语. B. be amazed to do sth. 表示“干……吃惊”,to后面常跟动词原形. C.

in hurry ; what's the hurry(四川话:你急到搞锤子? PTH:这么着急做什么)?hurry to do;in hurry to do;there is no hurry(不着急);hurry sp.(赶去某地);be hurried into(被迫仓促做某事);hurry sb.(催促某人);hurry sb. up(催某人快点)差不多就这么多,别的应该比较偏了,欢迎补充.

amaze / ????me??z; ??mez/ v [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] fill (sb) with great surprise or wonder 使(某人)惊异或惊奇: He amazed everyone by passing his driving test. 他驾驶考试合格使大家很惊奇. * We were amazed at/by the change

be concerned with/in (doing) sth 和有牵连/有关,参与/关涉be concerned about/for sb/(doing) sth 担心,关心,挂念

make efforts to do somethingall my efforts paid of All my efforts went down the drain,just because of a few itchy fingers attached to my hand.我脑子进水使得我所有的努力全白费了.

amaze vt.使吃惊 Amaze means to shock or surprise someone.My family was amazed at how well I could speak foreign languages.使惊奇 v.tr.(及物动词) amazed, amazing, amazes To affect with great wonder; astonish.See Synonyms at surprise

suprised意思是:惊讶的 suprising意思是:令人惊奇的

advise sb. of 把报告[通知]某人 advise with sb. on sth.同某人商量某事, 就某事请教某人 advise with sb. about sth.同某人商量某事, 就某事请教某人

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