My favourite colour 我最喜欢的颜色 There're many different kinds of colour in the world, such as white, blue, orange, red, and so on. But my favourite colour is green.在这个世上,有许多种不同的颜色,比如白色、蓝色、橘色以及红色等等.但是,

People associate colors with different objects,feelings,and holidays.Red is my favorite color.Red is the color of fire ,heat ,blood and life.People say red is an active and exciting color.When someone is very angry,people say that he or she sees red.

I favourite red.

这太难叻看你是重庆的-----这一阵子老是在唱红歌.也难为你了,就写个就写个参观渣滓洞的观后感吧.以下是例文: The Feelings After Visiting Prison ZhaziYesterday,I went to Prison Zhazi.I saw many things and get really sad but proud.

hose last hours as mortal beings

Why Chinese People Favors Red Color?Red, corresponding with fire, symbolizes good fortune and joy. Red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and other holidays and family gatherings. A red envelope is a monetary gift which is given in

红色的词源来源于血与火,有时会引申为生命的颜色.红色都是基本色,都表示颜色.Red cell(红细胞),Red Cross(红十字会).<br>红色常被用来作为警告、危险、禁止、防火等标示用色.红色在英语国家里代表了危险和警告.例red

The marathon was NOT an event of the ancient Olympic games. The marathon is a modern event that was first introduced in the Modern Olympic Games of 1896 in Athens, a race from Marathon northeast of Athens to the Olympic Stadium, a

I have a comfortable room of my own from this year on.In the room, there is a white studying desk and a black chair.Above the desk,there is a light red bookshelf with many book in it.There is also a brown bed in the room with colorful quilt and bed

this is my bag .i know that most of us have one or more of it .however ,i am sure that mine is different ,because it is given by my dear mother fou my birthday .it is pink ,on which tow lovely cats playing ,and nearby is their mother who is looking at her

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