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Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived through three periods of Earth's geologic history: Triassic (208-245 million years ago), Jurassic (145-208 million years ago), and Cretaceous (65-145 million years ago). Different species of dinosaurs flourished and

恐龙简介 恐龙是出现于二亿四千五百万年前,并繁荣于六千五百万年前结束的中生代爬行动物.或为恐龙和与它同一时代的蛇颈龙、翼龙等的模糊总称.恐龙在在6500万年前白垩纪结束的时候突然全部消失,成为地球生物进化史上的一个谜,

dinosaur ['dains:]n. 恐龙;[俚]过时、落伍的人或事物

恐龙 Dinosaur草食的 herbivorous肉食的 carnivorous

Carnivorous dinosaur is big, hind of powerful and fore short large dinosaurs. They all belong to theropod, often called carnivorous dragon or predators lizard. Carnivorous dinosaur walks by hind, Due to the enormous load hind weight, so action may

in 1842, Britain ancient lived the scientist Charlie Germany Irving to found “the dinosaur” this noun. English dinosaur from Greek article deinos (meaning is terror) Saurosc (meaning is lizard or reptile). Regarding Irving then, this “the terror

Dinosaurs lived for over 160 million years, first appearing about 230 million years ago. To many children, dinosaurs are very big.Since the first dinosaur was found in the 19th century, dinosaurs have become major attractions at museums around the

The word "dinosaur" comes from the ancient Greek words "deinos" ("terrible") and "sauros" ("lizard"). Strictly speaking, dinosaurs refer to land dwelling creatures that dominated life on earth during the Mesozoic Era (225 million to 65

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