我的家乡英语作文 My hometown 我的家乡 My hometown is Guiyang, a small city in Southwest China, surrounded by rolling green mountains. A river runs through it, with locust trees lining along both banks. In Spring the locust trees all blossom at the

篇一:家乡的变化 Changes in My Hometown My hometown used to be a backward place, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty. People lived a poor life. 我的家乡过去是

Great Changes in My Hometown I used to live in a small town with trees all around. There was no tall building and the only street was narrow. Just outside the town, there was a river. You can see different kinds of fish swimming in the clear water.

my hometown is a beautiful place and i love it. However, many years ago, it was different. At that moment, people lived a poor life with old houses. The pollution was serious, rubbish was seen everywhere and it wasn't convinient to go anywhere at all,

Changes that took place in my hometown in the past few years are many and varied.The most important change, as far as my family are concerned,is the demolish of old and dangerous school buildings and the rebuilding of new ones. My brother

As we all know, China has been developing extremely fast in different aspects of our life. There are also many places becoming more and more morden in our socienty. Our hometown is one of those places which have changed a lot. The followings

i live in a small town. in the past ten years, great changes have take place in my hometown. in the past, people lived a terrible life. they used to live in old houses. rubbish can be seen everywhere and the environment was polluted. the transportation

My hometown is a poor town. Many years ago, people lived a poor life. They lived in the old houses. The pollution was serious, there was rubbish everywhere. And it wasn't convinient to go anywhere at all. Few visitors came here to spend their

My home town changed. The road of past home town is a soil. Now the road of the home town is a cement. The past home town is an one-storied house everywhere. The home town in nowadays is a several-storied building everywhere. Past

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