There is a ture story about Chinese chess.the shory happened 2000 years ago.In order to bring down the Qin dynasty after the death of Emperor Qin shihuang,the peasants fought against the government.Among them,the two strongest armies were

九年级上Unit1 The Developing WorldUnit2 Loving Our PlanetUnit3 English around the WorldUnit4 Surprising Science九年级下Unit5 Learn about ChinaUnit6 Entertainment and Friendship


u5t1 1gate 2 the same to 3 by 4 sudway 5 alway 6 come on 7 on foot 8 go to school 学校 9 piane 飞机 10 train火车 11 ship 船 12 boat小船 13 ms.女士 14 grandmother 祖母 15group 群 16 weekday 平日 17 hmm 嗯 18 early 早的 19 bird鸟 20 catch

好吧,只有第一篇~ S-----Susanna M------Mrs. Green (格林夫妇来中国两年了.他们的女儿,苏珊娜刚刚搬来和他们一起住.对这个国家她知道的很少.) S:妈妈,对中国你知道多少?M:只有一点点.中国是个有着5000年历史的伟大国度.



仁爱版九年级英语下册,共有8单元,即Unit 1~Unit 8.


这回呢Unit 5 Learning about ChinaTopic 1 Could you tell me something about the places that you visited?大约5000年的历史 about 5000 years of history吸引了许多游客 attract many tourists数以百万 millions of 许多 a (great) number of 第一、二、

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