Unit 81. would like想要,喜欢,愿意2. what kind (of…)哪一种3. beef and tomato noodles 牛肉和西红柿面4. a small/medium/large bowl of noodles小(中、大)碗的面条5. what size (of …) 多大,多少尺寸6. countable/uncountable nouns 可数(不

journey 旅行、旅程 ferry 渡船、渡口 crowded 拥挤的 modern 现代的 terminal 终点站 station 车站 express 快车 passenger 乘客 distance 距离 way 方式、道路 past 超过 born 出生 founder 创建者 province 省份 store 商店 poster 海报 naughty 淘气的 friendly 友好的 wall 墙 bedroom 卧室

1.in english 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10.on the basketabll team 在篮球队 11.scoot at the

great specials..house of dumplings..come and get..phone number..i would like=i'like..a bowl of noodles..drink juice..a cup of tea..can i help you=what can i do for you..make menu foetheweek..give reasonsfor the menu

你好!beef and tomato noodles What kind of noodles chicken and cabbage noodles.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

unit 7 122. short /curly hair 短/卷发 123. a medium build / height 中等身材/中等身高 124. a new friend in class five 五班的一位新朋友 125. the captain of the basketball team 篮球队长 126. a little bit quiet 有点内向 127. love to do/doing 喜欢做某事(

what kind of 询问种类what size 询问尺寸a bowl of 一碗would like 想要

in order to为了 notany more 不再 have a good time玩的愉快 on vacation在度假 take a photo拍照

短语Unit91do my homework2play soccer 3clean my room 4 go to the beach 5play tennis 6go to the movies 7 last weekend 8 on Saturday morning 9 stay at home 10 have a party 11do some reading 12practice English 13study for the test 14 go to

Unit 8 I'd like some noodles.1.词组would like 想要a large/medium/small bowl 大碗/中碗/小碗what size 什么尺寸orange juice 桔汁green tea 绿茶phone number 电话号码as well as 而且what kind of 表示….的种类a kind of 一种…some kinds of 许多

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