你觉得怎么样 What do you think of ? How do you like ..? How do you feel ..? 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

What's your feeling?How do you feel?What are you feeling?亲:每天都开心V_V!thanks(thx)!

different people have different means of transportation.

是可以用 firstsecondthird 第一,第二,第三,是序数词,只是表示序号,可以没有先后之分

你好么1 how are you? how do you do? are you OK?2 让我们去看电影吧 let's go and see a film how about watching a movie together?供参考.

go to school on foot/by bus/by bike walk to schoo; take a bus to school ride a bike to school 祝你开心如意!

What's the truble/matter/wrong with you ?望采纳^_^

His own father was gone three years before.His father had been passed away form himfor three years.He's father had died three years before.I hope I could borrow some books.CanI borrow your books for a while?please let me borrow your books.

常用的三种英文表达方式:1、around the world!2、all over the world!3、across the world!重点词汇解析:1、around 大约;周围;四周;围绕;环绕 发音:英 [rand] 美 [rand] around用作副词和介词,在英国英语中,常用round来

当然的三种表达方式of coursecertainlysure

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