仁爱版八年级英语上册教学参考教案,共216页 Unit 1 Playing Sports 一、教学目标 语言知识 语音 学习一般疑问句、选择疑问句和特殊疑问句的语音语调 Will you join us? Which sport do you prefer, running or walking? How often does he


【课 题】 Unit 4 what's the best movie theater?Section A 1a1c【学习目标】 1.单词及短语:comfortable,seat,screen,close,theater,2.学会并能掌握形容词、副词最高级的构成方法和用法(难点)【学习重点难点】 学会并能掌握形容词、副词最高级的构成方法和用法(难点)【学法指导】 1、浏览信息2、作比较3、合作学习

仁爱八年级英语上册Unit 1 Topic 1during the summer holidays 在暑假期间between…and… 在两者之间cheer sb. on 为某人加油prefer doing sth. 更喜欢做某事quite a bit/a lot 很多plan to do sth. 计划做某事go skating/skiing/bicycling/climbing/hiking

My favorite sport My favorite Sports is basketball. It looks so cool in TV that I was crazy about those basketball stars ever since I was little. Basketball requires speed, height and skills. I run, jump, switch, and try to hit! All parts of my body are exercised



This is what we've worked for all our lives .Reaching for the highest goal we can,We choose to give it all.When competition calls,Time records the the victory in our hearts.To win or lose is not the only thing.It's all in how we play the fairest game.This


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