Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.说课稿各位领导老师:大家好!今天我说课的主要内容是新目标九年级英语第六单元Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to. 本课的中心话题是音乐和音乐家.通过谈论音乐使大家感受音乐的美.我将从教材分


按空的顺序写的:1.Alice, 2.English, 3. You need to get ready for your lessons before class.4.And you should listen carefully in class.5.Why

1.by making flashcards 2.ask sb.for help 3.read aloud 4.that way = in that way 5.improve my speaking skills 6.for example 7.have fun doing sth.8.have conversations with friends 9.get excited about 10.

Unit11. 听古典音乐 listen to classical music2. 向老师寻求帮助 ask the teacher for help3. 为考试学习 study for a test?4. 通过和小组学习 by studying with a group.5. 大声朗读怎么样?What\How about reading aloud?8. 练习发音 practice pronouncing

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This week we asked students at New Star High School about the best ways to learn more English. Many said they learnt by using English. Some students had more specific suggestions. Lillian Li, for example, said the best way to learn new words

本单元的主要语法就是记住动名词的用法1:用在介词 by之后 ,意思是:通过比如:I study English by making word cards 2.做主语:listening to something interesting is the secret to language learning 当

Unit 1flashcard<>快闪存储器卡Vocabulary<>字汇aloud<>大声地pronunciation<>发音specific<>特性memorize<>记住grammar<>语法differently<>不同的frustrate<>挫败frustrating<>挫败quickly<>很快的add<>增加excited<>兴奋not at all<>一点也

Unit 1flashcard快闪存储器卡Vocabulary字汇aloud大声地pronunciation发音specific特性memorize记住grammar语法differently不同的frustrate挫败frustrating挫败quickly很快的add增加excited兴奋not at all一点也不end up结束pronounce宣布spoken

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