世界无烟日(worldno-tobaccoday) 烟草是生长在南美洲的一种野生植物,最初印第安人将烟叶口嚼或做成卷烟吸吮.烟草在全球盛行了200多年,直到20世纪,人类才开始认识到烟草对人类的危害.1977年,美国癌肿协会首先提出了控制吸烟

No Smoking Day (世界无烟日) News- National No Smoking Day Tougher measures are published today - National No Smoking Day - offering better protection for council workers from the ill effects of tobacco.- This year's No Smoking Day

The WHO is financed by contributions from member states and from donors. In recent years the WHO's work has involved more collaboration, currently around 80 such partnerships, with NGOs and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as with

No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day in the United Kingdom that helps smokers that want to quit smoking. The first No Smoking Day was on "Ash Wednesday" in 1984 and it now takes place on the second Wednesday in March.

1990 -Childhood and youth without tobacco: growing up without tobacco 1991 -Public places and transport: better be tobacco-free 1992 -Tobacco-free workplaces: safer and healthier 1993 -Health services: our window to a tobacco-free world 1994

5月31日是“世界无烟日(World No-Tobacco Day),”自20世纪50年代以来,全球范围内已有大量流行病学研究证实,吸烟是导致肺癌的首要危险因素.为了引起国际社会对烟草危害人类健康的重视,世界卫生组织1987年11月建议将每年的4月7日定为“世界无烟日”,并于1988年开始执行.自1989年起,世界无烟日改为每年的5月31日.

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2008 The focus Globally, most people start smoking before the age of 18, with almost a quarter of those beginning before the age of 10. The younger children are when they first try smoking, the more likely they are to

World Health Day 2007: International Health Security- 2006: Working together for health - 2005: Make every mother and child count - 2004: Road safety - 2003: Shape the future of life - 2002: Move for Health - 2001: Mental Health: Stop Exclusion,

As the World No-Tobacco Day approaches, I'd like to say: keep away from tobacco. Smoking not only harms the smokers' own health, but also threatens the health of people around them. Tobacco contains .

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